The Smarties blog is why we created MoneySmarts in the first place…


For many, money can be a challenging topic to talk about — according to a survey, more so than subjects like death and politics. Asking for help on personal finance can be a daunting exprience, especially when you get bombarded with fancy jargons that seemingly are meant for rocket scientists.

This is exactly why we came up with ©MoneySmarts. As consumers ourselves, we wanted money to be explained in a simple, easy way, and in a digestible format. Not those Sleep Aid type of articles, or texts that uses alien-like abbreviations in every other sentence.

©MoneySmarts is all about learning together – about everything and anything we could ever want to know about money. Come join us as a fellow Smartie, and if there’s anything you want explained, let us know!

Our content is primarily written by Amir, our in-house personal finance resident. He is a certified financial planner and a recipient of the MSTA/CFTe accreditation (issued by The United Kingdom Society of Technical Analysts), but most importantly, super passionate about demystifying personal finance for all of us.

Investing made easy – four options you can choose from!

There are a ton of investing options to choose from. Here are a few that are available to all types of investors, at a relatively low cost.

Money management one-two-three

When it comes to managing money, investing always seem to top the “how-to” list. But we have a more practical approach to personal finance.

Charting your personal success

We all want to be successful. But what is success? Is there a quick way of getting there? Or is there a process that I should follow?

Can I afford to buy a car?

Starting your first job? Great! Travel via public transport is awesome, but maybe that’s not an option and you may need a car. What should you think about?

GST vs SST: How do I even?

The Malaysian Government has decided to bring back the SST, how is it different compared to the GST? Let’s find out!

Debt: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Debt is often associated with anxiety, the feeling of being locked down. But debt isn’t necessarily all bad. When properly used, debt can be good.